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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
lol...I noticed you guys disappeared when I was right too....

Timing wasn't right but in the end the mkt will fix it for me...I will be off by a week most that really a big deal in the big scheme of things.?..,.if you think so you are trading very short term....getting worked up for a 30pt SPX day?...really?...

I will do roll call in 2 weeks ok...I tell you what, if we make new all time highs before we hit 1700's on SPX I will never post on this thread ever again and we can close it down ok?...thats a promise....

But if we close into the 1700's within the month(I will guess 2-3 weeks from now), you guys either leave or stfu for at least a week ok?....

And yes I still think we see 1200 SPX a year from now...might be a bold statement but at least I will take a stand and make some calls based on my own charts and theories rather than spew empty criticisms(still not a single call).

See you guys in 2 weeks.