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Originally Posted by tracer bullet View Post
Yeah, maybe. That goo gone is kind of oily and with some actual citric cleaner in it plus a little extra citrus to give it a smell boost. It could work, but is usually best for getting off stickers and such. I'd be concerned it would soak into the grip and stay sticky and orange smelling afterwards. However it could work spectacularly well, hard to say for sure without trying.

I'm wondering, since it's rubber, aka oil based, would dish soap be enough? I'd probably start there, then move to alcohol, then acetone. Though you said you already tried alcohol... It does evaporate quickly, there's a chance it could work if allowed to stay on a touch longer.

We're all just guessing unfortunately.
I actually have some and that shit works fantastic on removing the toughest 'road grime' from paint: like all around the bottom of your car behind the front and rear tires that splatter up on the paint.

But I would NOT consider using it on a camera.

I have contacted the manufacturer and they agreed to offer me a discounted price on a newer replacement.
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