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Originally Posted by Ickdeep View Post
As for canon lens, I only have the stock lens and a little 50mm one for portraits.
So, 18-55mm I am guessing. It's an OK lens, not special but not crappy at all. 50mm primes in 1.8 and certainly the 1.4 are quite good too, something worth keeping assuming you get use out of them. Hmm, you do have some glass you could keep but it's not the end of the world to give up. That said you won't get much for it, there are a zillion 18-55's out there and while the 50mm's are worth more there are a lot of them around as well.

Your location says Seattle, you might look around for a camera store that has used equipment. Get your hands on a few new (used, but new to you) cameras and see what you think. Look for self-explanatory menus and button usage, general feel for weight and button location, things like that. Take notes and go home and check that the prices are decent and think on it for 24 hours, then maybe go back if you like what they have. Be prepared to pay a little more than online but the upside is that they helped you out and it's a place to go back to if you have questions or any issues.

If you do move to full frame I don't think you can keep the 18-55 with it, it's intended for the smaller sensors and while it might not hit the internals of a new camera I don't think it'll cast an image across the entire larger sensor. So that one's a goner if you go to full frame and may as well be sold off with the Rebel as a combo at the same time. The 50mm should be able to be kept though, for what it's worth. At that point Nikon, Sony, etc. do become more of an option.

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