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Personally, I like the background of your 4th picture. I'd probably edit out the light fixture but it is not too busy of a background and is uniform. I'd suggest watching uniformity, though.

10-22mm was my favorite lens when I shot w/ a crop so it is no coincidence that 16-35mm is my go to lens on a full frame sensor. You'll want to watch/be mindful of how close you are to your subject when you shoot w/ an ultra-wide lens. It can very easily give a lot of distortion. That is totally valid depending on what you want to accomplish w/ a given shot. Other times....not so.

You could not worry about background scenery and just work on composing the 2 cars. Perhaps replicate some pics that see online and like? That might give you more flexibility to practice. Get that down and then go scene hunting?

Either way, keep at it!