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Originally Posted by ny325 View Post
I came across the shopping network. They had a "sale" of Invicta watches. Iím sorry , but they must be the most hideous, ugliest watches. 58mm, really. Thatís a dinner plate on your wrist. And they cost $590.00. I guess someone is buying them.
Fixed it for you.

Invicta watches are always on "sale". Just because the Invicta sets their retail price at some high number doesn't make the watch really worth that much. Especially when said watch typically sells for much much less which to me is what they are actually worth.

Invicta watches also don't do anything for me. I find them gaudy. But from what I've read, Invicta wasn't always this way as they actually sold decent watches a long time ago before deciding to professionally vandalize their watches.
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