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Working out in a specific spot (Bench), get up and go get a drink, read the board, come back and there is someone in your spot. They moved the bench to do burpees! Mother F er! What I did...

Stood a foot from him and stared. He looked at me like wtf naturally. ' I WASN'T DONE WITH THE BENCH PRESS!! " I yelled. Grabbed the bench and put it back where I had and started lifting. The look on his face was priceless and I think he might have dropped a deuce in his shorts. Another guy next to us was laughing his ass off as he saw the whole thing. I pointed to him like YUP I was correct, right? He said OH YEAH dude I would have killed him. Of course the guy was a newbie and I let him off lightly. I was cool about it really as he was apologetic as hell. All good.
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