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Originally Posted by 335xi Beast View Post
Working out in a specific spot (Bench), get up and go get a drink, read the board, come back and there is someone in your spot. They moved the bench to do burpees! Mother F er! What I did...

Stood a foot from him and stared. He looked at me like wtf naturally. ' I WASN'T DONE WITH THE BENCH PRESS!! " I yelled. Grabbed the bench and put it back where I had and started lifting. The look on his face was priceless and I think he might have dropped a deuce in his shorts. Another guy next to us was laughing his ass off as he saw the whole thing. I pointed to him like YUP I was correct, right? He said OH YEAH dude I would have killed him. Of course the guy was a newbie and I let him off lightly. I was cool about it really as he was apologetic as hell. All good.
So you got up from your spot, walked away, got water, etc, and you are surprised someone thought you were done? chill out man.