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Originally Posted by chassis View Post
Eating anything, including 100% junk food, is possible while losing weight. As mentioned ad nauseum on this site, losing weight means consuming fewer calories than one burns.

The point about alcohol is simply to remind that these calories need to be counted. How many times does this topic come up on this site, and an OP posts, ďI just canít get it, I canít lose weight and I work out all the time.Ē Itís often because the complete caloric intake picture isnít painted. Ice cream and donuts are vilified in nutritional circles, but craft beer, local wine and fine spirits remain in the shadows, nutritionally speaking.
Oh...I agree. I don't drink though. Never got into it.

Alcohol contains about 7 calories per gram. It can add up quickly if you aren't watching it.

I use to hear it all when I was a personal trainer. Biggest thing is people do not know what they are taking in everyday calorie wise.

I have to eat 3500+ calories to "maintain" my body weight. I posted a shot on the gym thread once of my food tracker during a "bulk" as I track all of my calories. It showed 5,100 calories that day I believe.

That's why I don't really bulk anymore. Eating that much food day in and day out consistently sucks.

But when I go to diet...I can diet on 3100 calories and get pretty lean. Then another drop to around 2600...and that's all it takes.

It just comes down to making your body as efficient as you can. Find meals that your body processes well and agrees with you. Then track what you eat.

Plus I'm a boring eater. I can eat the same thing pretty much everyday and not be bothered by it.
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