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Originally Posted by Matthew_M3 View Post
Hey guys, wow i haven't checked this thread but seems like I have a few responses to type out.

As of yesterday, I am one week into the cut and 3 pounds down as per the scale. Visually, im seeing a tad bit of improvement in my midsection which is nice.

The workout program he provided has me doing "steady pace" cardio 4 times a week for the first four weeks but I did it 6 times last week as its a good warmup prior to my lifting and its not that tiring when Im watching IMSA races to distract me from it. Diet wise, had a cheat meal for my dads birthday but Ive been following it to the T so far, basically turkey, rice, and veggies every meal. Ive also found some good low calorie condiments to help get it down so thats a plus.

This is just my opinion as I have "trained" people before. But he has you doing 4 cardio sessions for a reason. When your progress stalls...and it will as it does for either lower calories or up expenditure.

Why do more than necessary if you are hitting your targeted goals for the week?

The reason I say this is when you do stall and he comes back and we will start increasing don't have that option unless you start doing even more. You never do more than you have to to get the progress you are looking for in this "world". Because if you do...then you have nothing left in "reserve" so to speak.

And you can only reduce calories so much before you start affecting the gym. Even when I am on a cut, building or preservation of muscle is always my main focus.

Don't get me wrong. Heart Health is very important. But I always saved cardio for closer to the end of my cuts so that I didn't have to drop calories any more.

Most of my cardio is HIIT and during the "bulking " phase as it provides a warm up before I lift. And also because it stimulates my appetite.

If you want to do cardio to warm up for the weights...I just do 10 minutes or so of HIIT and I don't count is as part of my "cardio regimen".

But just my thoughts. Congrats on the progress! I guess it all comes down to what you are trying to achieve.
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