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Originally Posted by 335xi Beast View Post
Interestingly enough everyone's body is different and responds differently. Eat whole foods, ramp up your metabolism with daily activity and exercise but mainly find good proven workout programs and keep increasing the weight throughout it's cycle for progression. Rinse and repeat as they say.

Stay consistent, track your progress and build your body. Nothing comes easy in life until you fail and fail you will. That's what makes this journey of fitness so rewarding. Knowing you did it all on your own and finally seeing the results is very empowering. Yes, I'm an addict.
This is the most important thing. Consistency for long periods of time.

I track my food and workouts. I follow a West-side Barbell Hybrid called Wendler 3-2-1. I use the 5 days a week variation.

It mixes everything up for you...and automatically sets your weights, sets, and reps for you based on input of your prior workouts.

But I have done this for so's second nature!
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