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Originally Posted by cjattard View Post
this is absolutely true - the HUD still functions but it only displays the speed limit.

This works well for my circumstance - as living in London the routing of Waze and Google is just better than the onboard sat nav, with that said if I was doing a cross country drive I would probably enter the destination on the original sat nav on mute to use the HUD - and just ignore the junction turn offs if it didn't match with google.

the upsides of CarPlay - built in music, Waze, google maps, tunein etc for me outweigh the day to day loss of the extra info on the HUD. but its a valid observation.

oh the box also does airplay mirroring which might be useful for watching YouTube videos on the car display /audio for the 1 time every 3 years I am stuck waiting for a ferry.
That's a great plan and one advantage over the built in car play from LCI - you can't use the built in nav AND google maps - it cancels the integrated Nav when you add a google destination. So LCIs cannot force Nav on the HUD and follow google at the same time - it's literally one or the other. And you can't even run google on your phone with the built in whilst having car play - nightmare. I ended up disabling carplay because of this.

At least you get the best of both ways this way with the retrofit!