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Originally Posted by floridaorange View Post
Thanks for quoting, having some technical difficulties with editing...

I went from Ninja to Vitamix back to Ninja. And I make smoothies every other day. The Ninja blends with less speed, and actually blends quicker. I prefer the applesauce consistency vs a milkshake consistency, seems less pulverized and I don't trust the power of the Vitamix, too fast, potentially too hot from speed, less nutritious outcome for a healthy smoothie.
Yeah we had some issues with our Vitamix already. Tried to make soup in it, and eventually succeeded, but was under impressed with the volume it could handle. The thermal fail switch kept triggering hence we would have to wait for the blender to cool down. Then we had to keep fracturing the amount until it worked. I read great things about the Vitamix, but like I said, underwhelmed. It was a gift my fiance got at her bridal shower, if I had paid for it I probably would have returned it by now. I want to put it to the test with a few more concoctions first though. If it is still being problematic I might return and try the Ninja as that is what I had on our registry for the wedding.

I'm the same as you in regards to the consistency, little chunkyness doesnt bother me, with that said the fiance is the opposite.