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This is great news for the rest of the world as this unproven vaccine will be tested by lots of Russians and quickly. Most of the developed world won't take the risk of something going really wrong, we don't have to, have said we don't agree with it, and aren't responsible if it does go bad. I hope they are right and it works. Besides the normal risks, problem I saw it they then hoped to have 30 million doses by the end of the year? If true not even a dent in the world population.

We test vaccines by giving them to a relatively small group where have get the vaccine, half don't and we wait to see what happens or if the people get infected. Problem is a large part of this group may not get exposed quickly so it takes more time or a larger study. I read where it is much faster to give a small group a vaccine and then try to infect them. You quickly know if the vaccine works. Ethics/laws won't allow most to try to infect someone with a vaccine that might kill them. Does speed up the process....
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