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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
My youngest is maybe 1/2" shorter than I, but pushing 260. His oldest bro and I had an intervention of sorts last night. I was dreading the confrontation, but he seems really receptive to us helping to motivate him to drop a bunch of weight. His bro has been doing a X-fit for nearly a year, and will start dragging him there on Monday.
I've always paid for his membership at the gym but "I thought they were closed right now"

The other thing I know he needs even more is the nutritional counseling. I'm just afraid of places like Lindora, that they will be more about selling him "products" than knowledge and lifestyle changes.
Creating a healthy affordable diet is not rocket science though, no need to shell out cash on nutritional counseling. There are plenty of healthy alternatives that can fix whatever cravings he is having (PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!! - my favorite food if you couldn't tell). Wish him luck, first step is actually understanding that you need a change. If he has that out of the way already then it's just a matter of perseverance. Good luck to him!