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Originally Posted by NorCalAthlete View Post

Some basic starters for diet :
  • No soda. None. Not 0 calorie, not 0 sugar, none. Get that entire category gone. I can't resist 1 diet coke a day, unfortunate habit haha
  • Limit beer intake - if you want to drink shift to wine or hard liquor; if your stomach can't handle that then simply drink less beer. I lose my most amount of weight when binge drinking, how can this be!? Lol kidding, it's because I don't eat and am basically dying.
  • Limit condiments - a grilled chicken salad sounds healthy until you slather it with 5 gallons of ranch dressing. Chill with that shit. Same goes with mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauce, etc. Yeah, it adds flavor and tastes good and's still just add-on empty calories. Everything in moderation on this one. I'm not eating a plain ass burger haha.
  • Limit snacks between meals - chips, dip, etc. If you have to snack, make it healthier. 100% concur
  • Limit junk food - not saying you have to cut it out of your life immediately, I still love a good bacon cheeseburger, but I'd say I indulge that urge maybe once a month at this point. Hell, even a chicken bowl from chipotle can be healthier than Five Guys burgers. Key is moderation again, every now an again is okay! I feel that the worst mistake someone just starting out in dieting can do is to over do it with that they cut out. This just leads to them quitting faster.