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I'm getting trashed tonight with my aunt (Who is not my aunt for realz, she is my mother's cousin who turned 75 yesterday) and she has been reading through this and she is more than willing to humiliate me. She's really in to this whole a member of our family being like me thing. She sadly saw the few last posts I made so apparently if I don't, she will and all pics will be here shortly.

Fucking internet.
haha, you don't know what internet humiliation is until your social media account is hacked into by your friend.

I managed to get into my buddy's facebook account. at the time, I was learning photoshop, and was practicing often. I decided to make a convincing picture of my buddy sucking on a big black cock and made it his profile picture. school talked about it for weeks. he got banned from facebook. he was pissed at me for a while. lolz
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