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Originally Posted by ovesund View Post
Well, I (and my wife as well) use the MyBMW app daily during the cold months (say from september to April) to preheat the cars and on sunny days in the summertime to cool them down before driving.
That is pretty much the only usage on the '16 i3, but on the G20 330e I also use Spotify daily and maps on occasion since I really hate the look&feel of Apple Carplay. It just looks so dated and boring and is in my opinion less user friendly.
I guess I will give Android Auto a shot sometime now that I have received support for it in the latest OTA upgrade but really, I'm happy the way BMW designed it
I'm the same.
I use the remote a lot for preheating/cooling.
Also check the charge from time to time to see if I need to charge during the night.
I regularly send destination adresses from my phone because using the iDrive wheel to scroll and write is not very user friendly.
I like having the traffic info as well.

I use Apple car play on my -20 i3s, but it could have been better, especially when you can't scroll trough your playlist and change songs on the steering wheel, like you can when not using CarPlay.
Had high hopes for CarPlay, but I was slightly disappointed to be honest, probably works a lot better with the new touch screen on the new regular series models.
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