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Honda leaves F1 after 2021 officially..

Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
I am not involved in motor racing from a business side my friend,I have my interests in real estate and look on things in a different perspective.To me from a laymans view I keep going back to the secret advantage that Merc had from the early 10's and my opinion grows from that.
yeah Toto was interested in tech companies back in the days but Frank Williams dragged him into motorsports.. i can see your point my friend but timing is a strategic call from the manufacturer + sort of another chance is already exist for teams since regulation changes after 2021.. but when you look rationally.. all engine manufacturers especially Ferrari and Renault had resources to concentrate on turbo era as well.. i more likely believe Merc was in uptrend from early 2010's and turbo era just involved in this.. you can check Merc's car sales, new cars and new engines on road cars.. they re all much better than before.. they re in a great pace..
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