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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
This car has been created and will be sold in an effort to boost the average "fleet" fuel economy ratings for BMW, all car companies are currently doing this. Yes it's being marketed and hyped as a new-age way of travel and they're definitely playing the "being green" card, etc., but in reality BMW (just like everyone else) is being forced into action.
They spent too much time, resources, r&d, and money on the i-program to only be used only for boosting their fleet fuel economy. That is not BMW's intentions with this car or other i-cars.

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
The Leaf is $29k, isn't rwd, has horrific resale and has no option for a range extender.
Who cares? You are not doing burnouts and powerslides in this golf cart. Honestly pointless for $20k extra.

To be honest screw a range extender, just buy a Prius and f*ck worrying about range in the first place.

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