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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Who cares? You are not doing burnouts and powerslides in this golf cart. Honestly pointless for $20k extra.

To be honest screw a range extender, just buy a Prius and f*ck worrying about range in the first place.
Again, it's about $6k over a Leaf when comparing a similar model. That's a good distance from $20k. It also has a good bit more range, an arguably better dealer network, more functional shape and significantly better performance.

Further, this is absolutely about fleet averages and providing urban drivers a high mileage platform to allow for the less efficient cars that continue to sell in large volumes, ie the M cars and larger motored versions of every other platform.

RWD dynamics aren't all about burnouts, simple things like steering feel, lack of understeer and braking control are greatly benefited by rwd and just don't feel the same in a car with 65% or more of the weight over the front and power and steering going through the front wheels.

I have a three mile commute, so something that requires very little charging is appealing. I sold my M Coupe because it never saw coolant temp, much less oil temp on my commute. However I do make occasional road trips, so the range extender makes perfect sense and the driving dynamics of even a golf cart are more enjoyable than a Prius.

Remember, we're talking about a daily driver, not a sports car. My situation is likely very different than yours, so while I may like it, and you may hate it, neither side is necessarily more correct than the other.