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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Similar model, I like that. Helps with your argument doesn't it.

Doesn't change the fact the Leaf starts at $21k with tax credit.

Haaa...road trips. How far you going and how many stops are you making? This thing is not made for road trips.

Also if you want to save the planet. Quit being lazy and use a bike for your 3 mile commute.
Okay, numbers nerd, then the i3 starts at $34k. Still not $20k of difference and that base Leaf has a much longer charge time, less range and may or may not have steel wheels, I frankly don't care. The Leaf that actually sells is $27,340 after the tax credit, so again, less than $7k.

I do ride a bike, thanks for bringing that up, I'm at about 4k miles this year and have driven roughly the same. I have a puppy that goes to "daycare" though and I need to use a car for that.

I drove a Smart For4 (terrible thing) from Frankfurt to Prague, so long drives in somewhat inappropriate cars aren't something I'm scared of. I drive to Austin from Dallas frequently, roughly the same drive I used to make from Laguna Beach to San Diego. It's right outside of the range of the i3, but with the range extender, it's no problem. Austin is littered with charging stations.

If my daily drivers consumes no gas, doesn't suffer from my short commute and looks like an i3 (which isn't a compliment), I have no problem parking a fun weekend car in the garage and not overly concerning myself with the gas it may burn on the weekends.