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Originally Posted by McBride View Post
Are yeti still having problems with cracked frames? Can't remember which one (might be the sb5) there were loads of cracked carbon frame stories going around.

For that travel range I think would probably opt for a trek fuel or remedy. only ever ridden the alu versions and whilst they're not the lightest bikes the weight is never apparent when riding them. I imagine the new carbon versions are excellent.
I've got probably 8 to 10 solid hours of reading reviews, threads and youtube video reviews about this particular bike and Yeti in general. I haven't come across any cracked frame information except for your post. So i'm guessing no, but will specifically look for it now.

I've had Specialized mtn bikes forever and i want to step away from the big bike box manufactures. I know they are great bikes, just want something different than a Trek, Giant or Specialized. From what i'm reading and seeing, i won't be sacrificing anything by leaving the major brands either.

Edit: Looks like there was a "press run" of rear suspension triangles which were found to be out of spec. They've updated their controls and QC with the carbon vendor, added 45g more carbon in stress areas as well. But even then from what i've read was that it was specific to a previous model (SB66) and previous rear triangle design. With a 5 year frame warranty, i'm not sweating it.
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