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Originally Posted by cmyx6go View Post
After looking for 2+ years, and having to compromise on one of my must haves (basement), we finally made an offer that was accepted this time last year. We closed the end of January. Initially, there were only 3 things we were going to do. 27 things later, we moved in the beginning of May. We ripped down walls, ripped out the staircase, re-did the kitchen, gutted two bathrooms and on and on. If I ever move again, I want to turn the key and move in. I'll paint, that's it. I'm not emotionally strong enough for this shit.

And of course, a pool was one of my must haves and it's rained almost every freakin weekend this summer.

I'm not sure if I give you credit for doing it yourself, or if you're insane.
Hahahaha! Well your view in life is the normal one, and congratulations on the new home!

There is no question about it in my case. I'm completely insane! It's currently so ugly I feel sorry for it, the old part of it is a bit more than a 100 years old, the new part was done in the 60's, together they look absolutely horrible and the garden is a jungle.

Here's a pic of my street view.

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You're still a little new here, so I'll let you in on a little secret. Whenever Lups types gibberish, this is an opportunity for you to imagine it to be whatever you'd like it to be.
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How would you know this? Did mommy catch you jerking off to some Big Foot porn ?