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Depends on your personality

the shortest method if you have the will, you can just control/command yourself to stop.. which is what I did
used to smoke weed, menthols, cigars, some pipe.. I just said I aint doing this anymore and when the urge came up I just said no over and over and over time the body stopped askin

the middle of the road method.. search up youtube about all the cancers and problems people got from smoking.. pick the worst ones and watch them over and over.. try to empathize with these people feel what theyre going thru.. then associate this nastiness with smoking.. if it gets thru itll be a lot easier to just command yourself again to stop

the slower method but no less effective but takes more time.. stepwise.. either use nico patches or vape as intermediaries and gradually step down.. the key is to step down lower and lower to get off and eventually you're at a level where your body just don't need it as much .. and you can go addict yerself on something else like ice cream.. jk bol