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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
The 370z is not a fair comparison to make to the new Supra. Yes, there are similarities. But the end goals for those cars were/are very different, IMHO.
I suppose. I do recall positive comparisons drawn between the 370Z and Boxster at the time it was first released. I'm sure it wasn't on equal footing, but it was nevertheless reviewed favorably against much more expensive sports cars and praised at its price point.

But that was some ten years ago, and Porsche has moved the bar significantly while the 370Z has remained pretty much stuck in time, although I'm sure some incremental improvements were made at some point. So, regardless of what the goals might have been for these two, benchmarking a modern day Porsche should theoretically put the Supra higher up the performance ladder than where the 370Z's decade-old target leaves it today. Still, it's not to clear to me that this new Supra is going to excite the sports crowd enough beyond what a 370Z does to the tune of extracting ten thousand more dollars from their wallets.

Meanwhile, the Mustangs and Camaros that some purists like to dump on have absolutely set the automotive community afire over the past few years, gaining widespread acclaim by bringing handling on par with any German or Japanese sport coupe, and, combined with their traditional with high powered V8s, out accelerating them handily in many cases. This, all for about the price of an entry level German or Japanese luxury sedan. That's their killer application.

I don't see the Supra's calling card in all of this. I have no skin in this game as I haven't the room for a two seat car in my life. But as I look at what the Supra is expected to bring to the table vs. what's on the market at its price point, I struggle to imagine what kind of hype it will genuinely manage to muster.