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Originally Posted by tennisfreak View Post
The 370z is surprisingly not a very good driving experience. It feels too heavy for what it is.
Well, by the numbers, the Supra is going to weigh about the same, so you might get that same feeling. And if you don't then it was probably not the 370Z's weight that you were feeling and reacting negatively to to begin with.

Also Nissan tends to cheap out in places and I'm not a huge fan of their products overall.
Fair enough, but that bit of subjectivity does not sound like a major leg up for the Supra. I mean Toyota has been guilty of cheapness too (and plenty of others have as well - we don't need to single out these two). This sounds little different from the mud slinging that takes place between Camaro and Mustang crowds. You can pick on little things with either one, but at the end of the day both offer great performance value.

Originally Posted by baege View Post
simple answer: the 370z engine is a coarse unlikable brute that sounds like a coffee grinder above 3500 rpm

the b58 is a buttery smooth peach of an engine

case closed
For $10k more, it had better be one hell of a buttered peach. Someone should tell Ford they can charge an extra $10k for the Mustang GT over the Camaro SS - it's got that sweet 7500 RPM DOHC V8 after all. Surely people would pay for the pleasure.