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Sanctions fill the gap between doing nothing and using force. What will fill this gap if we no longer use sanctions?
I don't have an answer, but sanctions and embargo's are not the answer. My wife endured both in her country until she was in her late teens. They decimated the quality of life for nearly all of the civilians in her country.

What gives the US Government the right to deprive citizens of another country of life and liberty because we don't agree with their government? A government that is frequently not even elected by the people.

Unless we have de-facto proof that a country building nuclear weapons is building them for the sole purpose of using them against the USA, we should leave them alone. If we have proof that they are going to use WMD's against the USA as soon as they build them, then that is an act of war and should be dealt with accordingly, rather than pussyfooting around with sanctions anyway.

Not only do sanctions have a terrible impact on the citizens of a country without really impacting those in charge, they have a history of not achieving their objectives anyway. So we oppress hardworking citizens for no gain or change in governmental policy we don't like.

Sanctions are terrible. They are the same as gun control laws - they may make a few people feel warm in fuzzy, but they don't actually solve anything and end up hurting the law abiding citizens in the long run anyway.
I have a few comments...

1. Sanctions are imposed against countries for far less than WMD and threats against the homeland. While we haven't seen any yet, we can reference the Saudi situation. There are calls for sanctions even though no threat to America exists.

2. You speak of the terrible impact of sanctions... but again sanctions are a middle ground between no action and force. Surely force would have the potential for far greater suffering than sanctions.

3. Citizens suffer from the decisions governments make all the time. I see the suffering from sanctions as the fault of the government's actions and not the sanctions.

4. I don't think anyone can broadly say that sanctions don't achieve their objectives. Sanctions are like any penalty... Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

5. I'm repeating myself but this is the most important point. There isn't a viable substitute for sanctions. We don't want to do nothing but give statements of disapproval (i.e. nothing); and we don't want to drop bombs all the time. We need sanctions.
Condensed version. Sanctions suck, but doing nothing sucks more. I would agree.
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