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Originally Posted by racerbruce View Post

My friend , while I was reading your story .I was like...."Lost in words" !
I didn't knew about the "Lottery" and lottery numbers ..."WOW" Imagine , Crazy ?!?!
I watched I don't know how much movies (lost count) about the Vietnam (nam) war ...Regarding this war .The last movies that I watched was "Hacksaw Ridge" and "Danger Close" (2019)
And of course also lots of documentaries ...

Damn ....Jesus Christ !

One thing is for sure , it was horror ! And for what ? So many deaths for nothing ....All these body bags covered in the US flag and the shock for the families !
The only thing about your situation that I can imagine and feel ..Is the tension and stress of that lottery . It must have been terrible for you !

I'm very glad to hear that you could avoid this war . My friend you was "VERY" ...Very lucky !
Thank God ! Bless you my friend !!!

For all the American families who lost their son/s there...
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad ?....May they "RIP"

Apocalypse Now was as crazy as you could get directed by F F Coppola with Willard played by Sheen sent to terminate the crazed Kurtz played by Brando, a rebel special forces officer accused of murder.
Sheen nearly died of a heart attack while it was being filmed.
Appreciate 1