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Well said -

Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
*News just in my friend,95000 ninety five thousand people entered UK during Coronavirus lockdown and now our gov.has hinted taxes will go up to fund their "muppet show' response to this pandemic.
It's just what hardworking people that have been on austerity measures for years were dreading from this laughable 'wrong action from the start' bunch.
My UK M5 friend -
So very tragic, especially the needless loss of life due to improper action(s) by govt leaders....the US Bozo the Clown has totally hosed the COVID management and continues to do so - no federal govt leadership - it's left up to the states which creates 50 states fighting each other for goods and services - it's tragic.

These are crimes against humanity - and should be treated as such.
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