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LeBlanc is a misfit for the show, but I enjoy his work. He has some cringe worthy moments, but I sorta laugh. He's a cool dude.

Sabine is bae.

Rory and Harris are great. All their pieces so far have been enjoyable to watch.

Eddie Jordan is a bro.

Stig is stig. Nothing really changed imo.

Chris Evans is a twat. I can't stand him. He can't articulate his voice for shit. He tries a bit too hard to be a car guy imo. Usually fast forward his bits.

This new celebrity thing is horrid. I hate it. Old one wasn't any better, but Clarkson made is bearable. This is just crap.

Overall, I have yet to watch a single episode all the way through. Evans is seriously annoying and the celebrity bits are way too long imo. Not saying the old show was perfect; it wasn't. But, all three of the presenters gave the show a charm that made me want to watch it.

This new show doesn't have said charm, mainly because there are too many presenters and the main is focus is on the wrong presenter. IMO, Harris, Rory, and Sabine should be conducting the car reviews and the challenges. LeBlanc and Jordan should be doing the celebrity/gimmicky stuff. Evans should just take his cut and leave.
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