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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
It's odd for me. Cheese, Ice Cream don't affect me. A lot of milk leaves me feeling like "bleh".

But now I can use that one organic high protein milk that's out and have no issues.

But since I only have an Intra with unflavored hydrolyzed whey, and a post shake with unflavored hydrolyzed casein....I just use water. Any other time I'm eating whole foods.
I'm the same way, cheese and ice cream are not issue at all. I use to drink so much milk too, but anymore I just don't feel the best after. I haven't had any experience using organic high protein milks, I'll keep my eye out for them.

Can't believe you go unflavored, I look forward to my shake everyday because it's mighty tasty and easy to stomach. 12oz water, handful of ice cubes, scoop an half of protein, and a heep of peanut butter all blended up, so damn good haha.
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