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Originally Posted by Now_Rudi View Post
Update: Stitches out of the hand as of this morning! I have a green light to lift again but was advised to take it easy at first. Doc told me that I would have no issues with damaging anything in my hand, but due to a freshly healed/healing incision, that it's going to be very tender for a couple of weeks still. My pro grips are in, so I'm going to attempt to use them with light weight tonight and see how they/I do. Looking forward to getting to the gym tonight for sure!
Get after it man! I remember a few years ago I had a guy come at me with a knife (just a dull kitchen knife nothing crazy), my first instinct was to keep him from impaling me so I just grabbed the blade an took him to the ground. Could see the bone in my pinkie. Had to get some stitches and was advised to stay away from the weights, couldn't do it lol. Just would grip everything with my first 3 fingers and avoid using my pinkie at all, was an odd few weeks!

Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
It was torture...believe me. But right before I took that time off I got worked over by my physical therapist...especially traps, shoulders and mid-back. It was painful. After he did "cupping" to pull blood into the should have seen the pump I had. My shirt would barley fit. I'm coming back down to around 3400 to start. During this last bulk...I was averaging 4200 a day or so...and had quite a few weekends where I would hit almost 5K.
Jesus... You were up there in the calorie count! You'll probably feel nice an lean around 3400. I'm going to opposite direction, probably around 3400 right now. Going to go down around 2800 progressively and lean out a little bit.

I've never been to a physical therapist, but I feel like I should with my damn back problems. How much does that run you?
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