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Nice rig.

I’ve found an invaluable source for really hard to find parts and “New, Old Stock” for rubber bits and bobs.

Originally Posted by ScottSinger View Post
I dont know this to be true but I heard someone very knowledgeable say that a car that's been through a total disassemble ground up restoration, never quite feels as tight as a car not touched.
Unfortunately there’s no two Oh Two’s which are the same.
They are from an era when cars needed to be pulled apart and put back together just to keep them running through the years.
Wiring gets replaced when after market alarm installers work their “magic”, Gearboxes come and go, you replace drum brake shoes on an exchange basis.
So most cars have been disassembled at some point ... and all rubber is over 40 years old. It needs a proper teardown.

Plus, cars from the 70’s are soooo sloppy compared to a modern car.
I was once going to sell my black one, and a potential purchaser came back from his test drive as white as a ghost.
He didn’t realise how old and antiquated the cars are.
They were great in their day ... but a modern Corolla will beat them in every test.

I’m saving mine for my kids ... though my 12 year old has told me he doesn’t want it. Fair enough I suppose ... I shouldn’t thrust my wants on him ... plus will a 50 year old car be safe when he starts Driving? Probably not.