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Originally Posted by Tambohamilton View Post
+1. F1 is dead, as far as actual racing goes; it's entirely just money and politics. I know a number of people who would be avid fans, but find the 'racing' (parade) so dull and the politics so offputting that they don't even bother watching. Myself included. Shame that the 'pinnacle of motorsport' has just been turned into a business rather than a sport. I hope someone or something can take it back to its roots, but with modern day safety.
but actually anything involves considerable amount of money turns into a business and in F1's case the money we re talking is really high.. you need investors, sponsors that trying make or keep a brand image, you need top-notch engineers each team has many employees, tons of suppliers that its inevitable not to turn it as a business.. actually i have no problem with teams making money or not etc. but FIA's steps are really bothers not only me and at the same time for keeping the grid tighter there need to be some different rules or approaches..

big teams like Merc', Ferrari, Renault, Red Bull doesnt have any financial problems.. why not transfering some information from them to smaller teams to save money and resources to make grid tighter each season.. big teams always find some time from here or there on the their cars.. so for me its the pinnacle of motorsport in techwise but favoring, inconsistent decisions, politics were in F1 before as well but needs to be solved already.. F1 is nothing without any teams running at the each race anyway..
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