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Originally Posted by David70 View Post
High end watches aren't much different than any other high end product. Summing up the parts doesn't come up with a good rational for the total.

I am not into $2000 shoes, $1000 shirts, $500 belts or anything else really high end. I could afford to go higher end than I do but for me I have a hard time with the "value" in them. The $10k watch may work well and tell time really well but so will a $500 watch. I have had a Tissot for about 7 years, battery was replaced once (hardly a burden), I am happy with how it looks and tells time close to perfectly. I can't see a lot of rational to spending 10x a much for a better looking watch (or a really complex movement) but some do.

Since the company I works for deals with a lot of stainless steel I thought the 904L stainless in the Rolex is interesting. Best I can tell, unless you spend a lot of time in salt water wearing your Rolex or with your hands in sulfuric or nitric acid (the metal on your watch will be ok, good luck with your hands) this also seems to be more interesting than a value.
Most wealthy people are the same way. You're in good company.