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Sorry for being a litle bit straighforward: it is one thing to be ignorant in a certain field, and another one to prove that. Please do yourself a favor and read before you write down your assumptions. BMW iis a great inovator.
If you want to talk about copiators and plagiators look at the japanese, Toyota for that matter not to thegermans. One of the things that makes the Germans great -and for that reason less reliable- is that that they do invent and throw the new technology outhere, ready for you, while the japanese are using old proven technology waiting until the new one is improved. Stop posting nonsense others might believe it.
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Well, bmw loses its shirt on software updates for Idrive. The cost savings of not having a $200 per hour tech spending his time twiddling his thumbs while one car at a time, taking up a precious car bay, is hooked up to the BMW update computer for 8 stinking hours. That's ridiculous and that alone is motivation to move to OTA.

Moreover, many techs want to do the software update after hours so that the system can update the customers car at night to free up the bay during the day---well, this costs a ton of money (compared to OTA) because bmw has to give a loaner car to the customer. Plus, the customer is totally inconvenienced.

The current method bmw uses for updating Idrive is deeply flawed. Whenever the local tech has problems with the update, they have to get a German engineer conferenced in to the situation---essentially a manual OTA.

This is nonsense. This problem stems from every subsystem requiring its own update and version control. OTA will be a competitive requirement in the near future. Once Mercedes does it, then bmw will have no choice. So, bmw might as well do it now.

But, that's not the bmw way. BMW does not innovate. BMW is a copier. Almost every great BMW feature was invented or implemented by a competitor.

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