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Originally Posted by mPlasticDesign
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....but the flaw in the logic is that if drugs were legal, crime would drop; it wouldn't. People become addicted, can't hold a job, and steal to purchase legal drugs. Society gets a whole new class of people who can't care for themselves....
The flaw in logic is that making it illegal will somehow prevent people from becoming addicts. We are talking about the legalization of marijuana. No one ever died from an overdose of pot. It is currently classified a schedule 1 drug along with Heroin, ecstasy and LSD, which is total bullshit. While cocaine and methamphetamine are considered schedule II. It's classification can not be justified on scientifically. Marijuana is not considered highly addictive or dangerous.

Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
The lack of a federal response to CO legalization shows that the Administration's heart is not in the war on drugs, so of course we are losing it.
Their heart is not in it? Explains why the US has the largest prison population in the world! This sharp increase also coincides with the beginning of this war on drugs. 800% increase in 40yrs, mostly non-violent drug related crimes. Big profitable business. The government is really good at taking away freedoms and making money from it. Either by selling you back that freedom in the form of a "permit"(to permit you to do something that was a freedom taken away) or to turn it's citizens into criminals overnight by passing more laws that take away their freedoms. And the vicious cycle continues. Mostly victimless crimes.

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IMO, we should have a public service announcement campaign, showing the devastation and ruined lives caused by the drug trade in Mexico, Latin America, and the Middle East. American drug users should be ashamed at the human suffering caused by their want to smoke whatever. Is that joint you're smoking worth the suffering of an innocent Mexican family at the hands of a ruthless cartel? We can boycott grapes for decades, but we can't boycott weed?
Man you are all over the map. The only reason those countries are seeing the suffering we are seeing is because our government won't allow you to grow this plant otherwise you will go to prison for a long time. We can boycott grapes from other countries because last time I checked we were still allowed to grow grapes without being arrested. I have some on my property....grapes that is.

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I wasn't speaking only if the legalization of marijuana- I thought you were advocating previously for harder drugs - my mistake. Although I don't think legal weed is a good idea at all - nor does the medical community, generally speaking.

Nixing war on drugs was started at the same time drugs exploded with the hippies - that's not a cause/effect. Virtually no one goes to jail for marijuana crimes only (unless dealing large quantities) - but prosecutors can make drug crimes stick, so most jailed marijuana offenders are there because they pled their cases down from worse charges.
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