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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Might if I ask what you like about San Diego?

I've spent a few days there and honestly don't get it. I can see the appeal of Oceanside or points north, but the actual city just didn't do it for me, also would be tough to call it a large city. Old town felt fabricated, beaches were limited access and the highways were hell. I saw the Midway, went deep sea fishing and haven't returned. I lived in Laguna Beach at the time, maybe that just wasn't a fair comparison.

So I call it Blandiego. I just enjoy LA much more, seems to have wildly more diversity, better food, better museums, better music venues, better roads and a wee bit of weather variety.
The entire area is just really nice, tons of stuff to do, great weather, FAR less traffic then LA, generally a bit warmer beaches, more laid back and chill. Encinitas, Solano, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Gaslamp District, Coronado, all really cool areas. Fantastic/cool mountain towns within close driving distance, tons of great beaches. Great beach vibe pretty much on every beach. Great zoo and the Wild Animal Park is pretty cool too. I have family in Encinitas and Carlsbad, so that's been our home base, then we venture out from there. I also have family in the LA area, the Bay area, and the Humboldt area. I personally grew up in Redondo Beach, my wife was born/raised in the Bay area. I enjoy the SD area the most.
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