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Arrow 2014 BMW i8 Specs Reportedly 393hp/406lb-ft, 4.9sec 0-62, 104.2mpg

2014 BMW i8 Specs Reportedly 393hp/406lb-ft, 4.9sec 0-62, 104.2mpg
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BMW's highly anticipated i8 plugin electric hybrid sports car is not due until 2014 but CAR claims to already have the skinny on the production i8's specs and performance data, as follows.

Powertrain / Drivetrain

The gullwinged production i8 is reported to weigh 1,450kg (3,196 pounds). Its 170hp electric motor drives the front wheels while a 223hp / 295lb-ft turbo 1.5L 3-cylinder engine powers the rear wheels. Combined hp and torque figures are 393hp / 406lb-ft torque, more horsepower than the concept's 349 hp and the same torque figure.

Performance is said to be 4.9sec 0-62mph and a 156mph top speed.

With the ability to be front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, as well as having torque vectoring, the i8's transmission will be one impressive piece of technology. The i8 will feature a 4-speed transmission, unlike the single speed transmission of the i3 (and rumored i5).


In the European driving cycle (which ignores the energy required to charge the battery), the average fuel mileage is 104.2mpg. A full battery recharge takes 6 hours, but can be less than 60 minutes if there's access to high-voltage mains.


As has always been the case, the i8 is expected to cost excess of €100,000 and BMW expects somewhere around 10,000 annual sales.

Gasoline M Version?

They report that an earlier considered M version which would have utilized a V8 or V10 is no longer under consideration.

Check out a recent spy video below and see all our BMW i8 coverage (including the latest spy photos and videos) at