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The BMWi8 will not be converted to an M. The genetics of BMWi will filter through to M. But BMWi remains a sub-brand.
However early tests have shown the i8 can handle more power and soon you will see using this power at the ring.

BMWi is to symbolise alternative drive in an alternative way.
Having discussed this previously I will keep it short and concise.

BMWi is not an existing BMW electrified, it is all new from the ground up. Our Competition apart from Porsche have fitted electric drivetrains to existing sports cars where the options are more expansive.

BMWi is about sustainability but in a totally different direction , BMWi goes well beyond the actual cars too. It is all about the future of mobility and how we use the car in general. The most exciting thing about BMWi is that it will not ultra exclusive. Rental networks across the globe are in the process of being set up so that anyone will be able to rent and drive an i3 or i8. They will not just be mutually exclusive like our competitors.

Think of BMWi as a new revolution in alternative mobility.

BMW desperately needs a SLS or R8 competitor and this ain't it
Actually they don't. Look at the R8 and SLS AMG today , they are yesterdays cars. There 15 minutes are up, Even the Bugatti douchebag has become almost a characterture with its endless "fools are parted easily with their money 2 Million euro +, ltd editions"

The hot sports car of the moment is the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and rightly so because in the flesh it is beautiful it is everything a Ferrari should be.
At Geneva I mentioned to a fellow counterpart at Ferrari about the Lambo SUV and whether Ferrari would follow? I was told in this very cutting answer no because "We are Italian!, Lamborghini is German".
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...