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Originally Posted by tracer bullet View Post
I'm actually curious what you find to be so completely incorrect about what he wrote?

If you're interested in the subject look up some comparisons of MN and WI, and our Dayton vs. their Walker, and how the states have performed under Democrat vs. Republican governors. It's a big subject with a lot of variables but generally speaking it can be argued the MN citizens have done better - wages, health care coverage, etc. If nothing else, you can at least see that it isn't a very big difference.

I get your first post and it's a lot of information and time taken to share it, but it doesn't necessarily apply to the country as a whole. I'm guessing you would agree to that?
I stopped arguing with him when he (a) stated that China is a leading example of capitalism and (b) listed a bunch of capitalist countries in Europe and claimed them to be Socialist countries. I realized then, that it was like arguing with a shoe.

With respect to your other question, I believe the straight answer is 'give it time'. Many times when a location is just a little left, or has only been left for a small period of time, the difference may not be much if any at all. But the left always wants to go further left and as that occurs over time, the variance gets larger and larger. Socialism will always eventually lead to Totalitarianism or a despotic regime and will always eventually be bad for the people as a whole
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