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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
1. This is where most people get confused so I understand your confusion. Socialism is not Marxist-Leninst. Maxist-Leninst is a sub type of socialism. Kinda like saying how all believers in God are alike... but the catholics, protestants would argue otherwise.

Here is a list of the top socialist countries in the world:
New Zealand

How many of them are totalitarian?

2. Corporations, even some small companies do not have the public in mind. Yes, shareholders are people too, but most shareholders are not company employees and so they do not have the people who work for the company in mind when they make decisions. A true people focused company would be things like a cooperative - they work and succeed because the people working there have a say in the every day operations and decisions of the company.

3. Yes, China is communist in name, but have you been there? Political and economical policy are two different things. Politically it's communist, but economically it is a free market. If you go you'll find the most capitalistic economy in the world - much more free from regulation than anything in the USA. If you have the money, you can pay off the police, you can pay off regulators and buy influence. Environmental regulations? None! Patent regulation? None! Govt safety inspections? None! It is a perfect free market with massive growth because there is no regulation. Competition is fierce and much more competitive than the US market. Anything goes if you have money and whole cities can get built in days because there's no govt regulation! It is pure capitalism!

Even Deng Xiaoping, the leader of China in the 1980s and 1990s said, "致富光荣" (zhf guāngrng: To get rich is glorious!)

Many articles, here's a few:
Seems you are pretty clueless about Scandinavia. Yes Sweden has a pretty large social safety net but they are a highly capitalistic country. In fact they have one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world. Majority of taxes there are paid by the people. And at the rate Belgium is going it will probably be a Islamic State by 2050.