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Originally Posted by tracer bullet View Post
I see what you are saying, and I do agree. One needs to be specific in what they say especially in the middle of any sort of reasonable debate.

I am guilty of not taking him to his word but what I thought was his intent... I agree that China is indeed very much a capitalist society in terms of economics. I do agree with you that true socialism does probably also require being totalitarian, and that socialism as a policy fails (Russia, Venezuela, North Korea). But I was agreeing with him, if it was his intent to say it (my bad for assuming), that a country can do things that some folks scream "socialist" at, without that country being totalitarian (or actually socialist) - police & fire, parks & rec, schools, and perhaps indeed health care. I know these aren't examples of socialism by definition, the government doesn't own capital equipment and etc., but this is what I was taking him to mean.

Of course there are things in a modern society that the government manages via taxation and for which life is better for the majority of citizens - things such what you mention.

I would note, however, that nearly all of those things would probably work better, have more innovation, be less wasteful, and generally make everyone better off if they were left to the private sector.

In addition, it is pretty common knowledge, and proven with the stats in my first post, that over the long run - the more government intervention in a society and more government control, the worse that society becomes for its citizens.
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