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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
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Hasn't that already happened literally?
Yes, my home value has already doubled a few times.

If you are talking about homeless issues, it has been improving.

DPW has regular cleaning crews. Police force hiring is up and so is enforcement. Homeless employment programs are employing homeless people to clean up the streets. New homeless shelters are going up. Lots of stuff going on.

The real problem is federal as federal funding for mental health care is long gone. Non violent mental patients have no where to go for care and housing. Also, opoid drugs are a big problem. Hopefully Trump's crack down on drugs fixes that.

Most homeless have mental and/or drug issues. These are people who need treatment programs. The question is, who foots the bill. Since the federal govt stopped helping, it's up to citizens to step up.

Did you know that the majority of homeless in SF are not from SF? Other cities send their homeless to SF on one way bus rides. So this is not just a SF problem. Other cities are sending their problem to SF.
I was just messing with you man. I'm well versed in how fucked up America is in dealing with mental illness. Basically we don't deal with it. It's jail or the streets. If the family of the individual has money they may end up somewhere helpful but for the most part it's option 1 or 2. Sad. My brother in law has mental illness and I saw first hand how fucked up the "system" is.
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