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Originally Posted by ///M4ster Yoda View Post
Thanks. Ya it was tough for my wife and In laws. They had a difficult time getting help initially. My bro in law developed schizophrenia at 16y/o. The so called "professionals" initial opinions were that he was a spoiled kid. Idiots. It took years and a crime/jail for help to come. It's sad. My wife and her family are awesome people and they didn't deserve that Hell. Anyway that was a few years back and things are much better now. The system fails these people and it really pisses me off. This is poli-sci so I can get political here. We as a country give and give and give. Not just to illegal immigrants but to people throughout the world yet we do not help our own citizens. I can't put into words how terrible and dumb that is. Mind boggling.
The US gives to others but there's a lot of politics involved. I think a lot of it is cost. You can give a donation to some place and house some refugees for a while. It is a one time expense and looks good in the news. Providing care for thousands or millions of US citizens full time? That's a huge on going expense and no one wants to write that check.

In the type of spending this is, it is definitely a social benefit that conservative "small government" advocates will not want to pay for.
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