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Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
And herein lies the rub. A quote from the linked article:

Security experts worry the Communist Party-led government would ask Huawei to incorporate back doors into its equipment for spying or sabotage. A Chinese law approved in 2017 requires companies to “support, co-operate with, and collaborate in national intelligence work.”

This law alone should draw substantial pause for dealing with any Chinese firm.

Huawei is not the risk. China is the risk. It’s not as if Huawei can do whatever it wants, that it can tell the Chinese government to take a running leap.
I find it odd that Israel allows Huawei products to be sold (the same country that once banned apple products because of a supposed security risk), but yet the U.S has an issue with them. I feel like this has more to do with politics than actual security threats.