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None of you turkeys who just put up their hand are going to be mods. None. You either have way too many posts on here that spell out exactly why you shouldn't be a mod or you have too little time on here!

There are some mods that do interact here, they just tend to let us do more or less our own thing until it degenerates into something undesirable. mkoesel and Law are two that come in here and post occasionally and I think both are good.

Why do you care about ninja edits to titles and that though...doesn't seem like a big deal. I understand more about your concern re: moving threads, I've had a few moved and I just felt like they weren't going to get noticed in the section they were moved to. Also, I don't go into those sections of the forum as well.

But by far and large, most of my threads stay where I put them, and I think yours do as well.
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he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.
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