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Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
you know why i don't see the point in this?? because if i could spend 100000euros on a car i couldn't care less for its MPG.. if i can a afford such car i can afford its gas..

the only logical route is make a cheap "i" like the i3 and give this a v8tt the m5 has while keeping it lightweight..
How about that you are a rich car guy who loves the environment? If I have the money, I will totally buy this car. No, it is not as fast as the other halo cars, but the fuel efficiency is amazing. I know that I am the minority. I also believe that I might be the only one who has this kinda crazy green mind in this forum, but I don't care because this is who I am. Also, this is what BMW i stands for. You can just stick with the M if you like. And yes, I want an M1...

Of course that I don't have a money so I would just stick with a fun to drive 3 that is also pretty fuel effient