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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
I'm sorry, but the active sound in any model gives the impression the car is trying to be something it is not. I guess it is acceptable for cars to be "posers" these days instead when it comes to sound. What is the problem with letting a car sound natural? Assuming the active sound hadn't been enabled yet, the 3 cylinder didn't sound bad. It had an air cooled boxer engine sound to it. The all electric mode, while quiet, also had an interesting sound to it. However, this is where active sound could potentially get out of control by letting your car sound more like a video game when in all electric mode. I don't know, maybe customers want that and are demanding it. If that is the case, let those of us who don't want it have the option of disabling it.
You're right, the 3 cylinder doesn't sound bad. In a 1er or 3er. A 100k Euro car? Doubtful. I actually really liked it in the 1er video that was floating around, don't get me wrong.

This is what I said in my post. If you hate Active sound so bad, pull the damn fuse. That's all it takes! To me, it just seems like people make such a huge deal out of it! Besides, there's a video on YT that shows an M5 with Active Sound on and off, and I can hardly tell the difference to be honest.
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