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Originally Posted by Blksnowflake View Post
This isn't even out and the damn car is already outdated and old looking. It's been teased to the point of boredom. It's already a disappointment, they won't release the damn thing because it will just confirm it.
The Supra died in the 90s. Set your standards low people, the BRZ STI if released would shame this not to mention when BMW adds an M/// badge to their version, it will trash this. Toyota doesn't care about performance or sports cars, you're in denial if you believe so.
Really the worst car reveal ever...LOL. Toyota totally killed the Supra badge. Crushed its soul and threw it in the garbage where it's now rotting alongside a moldy pile of boiled spinach.

Very few people care anymore...and Toyota know it will flop. They are prolonging this to try every trick to generate excitement but the reality is that it's just not an exciting car in any way.
don't read this. too late...